We Want Michael. This is the concert that absolutely needs to be highlighted in your diaries for the 30th of June, when Enrico Rava will reinterpret Michael Jackson’s legendary tunes with a jazz note during the Ravenna Festival.
The concert’s twist—very distant from the King of Pop’s music—is a true tribute to the now-deceased music star. It promises a night filled with beautifully unexpected melodies.
Rava, one of the most famous and internationally appreciated jazz musicians today, became obsessed with Jackson after hearing the contagious riff Smooth Criminal and eventually seeing the film This is it, about the rehersal of his last show. Rava knew honoring Jackson would become his life passion, once describing him as a ‘complete’ artist, an absolute, a perfectionist, a genius. Rava eventually joined forces with trumpeter Mauro Ottolini to embark on this ambitious project.
On stage for the big concert, the PM Jazz Lab, a band composed of twelve elements, will accompany Rava. The music will include renditions of Thriller, the best-selling album in the history of music.
Jazz will meet pop in this tribute that brings together poetry and moments of introspection. These two identities, which will intertwine in this event, somehow maintain their own essences, giving life to a supreme symphony. We Want Michael!

Ravenna Festival 
Founded in 1990 by Maria Cristina Mazzavilani, the wife of acclaimed conductor Riccardo Muti, the Ravenna Festival (which will be held May 23 to July 14, and again in Autumn from November 8 to 17) unites opera, classical music, ballet, jazz, drama and film in the city of Ravenna and its surrounding areas.
The rising notoriety of the festival over the years, due to performances by the world’s finest orchestras as well as to Ravenna’s enchanting architectural heritage, makes it a much awaited moment in the Italian and international artistic world.
The beautiful Alighieri theater, Byzantine basilicas as well as magical cloisters have served as the ultimate backdrops to such names as Riccardo Muti, Yo-Yo Ma, Martha Argerich, Burt Bacharach e Matthew Bourne. In this 24th edition of the festival, art, theatre and music are celebrated all together with a special touch of Italian charm.