Some stories seem to be predestined, and Stefanï Grosse’s is definitely one of them. Her mother is a fashion designer; her father is the Managing Director of Dunlop Sports for Europe; together, they found love on a tennis court.

So it is no surprise then that Grosse, the creative force behind Monreal, followed in her parent’s footsteps by creating a brand that is made expressly for tennis players who love fashion. The line, called Monreal, will launch just a few days before the beginning of the 2013 edition of the oldest and most elite tennis world tournament, Wimbledon. Just as the biggest tennis players prepare to step on to London’s grassy courts, Grosse enters the proverbial fashion game as well with this collection of 70s-inspired frocks, all reinterpreted with certain contemporary touches.

All-white ensembles are modernized with flashes of color or shots of black while other pieces are given sexier touches with removable details, industrial-style zippers and contrasting prints. Grosse, who designed a piece exclusively for, talks about the concept behind her collection and her creative process in an exclusive video.