Revisiting classics is never an easy task, but as far as Lara Bohinc is concerned it proved to be a winning bet. By making traditional shapes her own and creating a highly distinctive visual identity, the Slovenian-born designer has made a name for herself as one of the leading talents on the contemporary jewelry scene. When Ancient Greece meets new technologies, the result is a striking mix of contemporary style and timeless appeal.


From Madonna to Kate Moss, not to forget Björk, Elle Macpherson and Gwen Stefani: Lara Bohinc’s stylish woven designs have made her a strong A-list favorite. Her jewels are a distinctive blend of sensuality and geometry, what with their soft lines and architectural structures. Ahead of the launch of her new Fall-Winter collection, we met Lara to uncover the secrets of her unique style.

Why did you choose to focus on accessories and jewelry?
I always think that accessories are somewhere between fashion and architecture which I love and I also like how they are body and age unspecific.

How would you define your style in jewelry design?
Mix of contradictions: bold yet light, graphic yet feminine, striking yet wearable.

Where/how do you find inspirations for your collections?
Nature, architecture, art, films, design and all the wonderful women around me.

What is your definition of luxury?
Unnecessary for survival yet too beautiful to resist.

Is there a woman that particularly inspires you? A kind of muse or icon you are inspired by?
I think muses are for gay designers. When you are a woman yourself then you don’t need to look to imaginary females, you know from your own experience what feels right; and other women tell you too.

What is the mood of your Fall/Winter 2011 jewelry collection?
Graphic shapes, orbits, planets, mathematical formulas, Art Deco meets 60s futurism.


Born in 1972 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Lara Bohinc studied industrial and graphic design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, before coming to London in 1994 to take an MA in Jewellery and Metalwork. Winning a New Generation Design Award in 1997, she launched her own company in the same year. Since 2000 she has also worked as a jewelry design consultant for Cartier. Bohinc is also responsible for the brand’s image, playing a leading role in the creative direction of its advertising. Recently she worked with photographer Jon Compson on the Fall/Winter 2010 and Spring/Summer 2011 campaigns. Lara Bohinc’s talent for creating products of timeless modernity has made her one of the most innovative and successful designers of her generation.