Everyone knows that Venice is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, and one of the best times to visit is undoubtedly in July during the weekend of the “Festa del Redentore.” This event is an age-old tradition that attracts spectators from all over the world to see The Floating City—the famous Venetian canals are filled with thousands of small boats, all illuminated overhead by fireworks. Once the spectacle dies down after midnight, the music starts: some celebrate in the streets, some on their exclusive hotel balconies and others on the water.

The perfect look for ladies for such a special evening should take inspiration from the colorful pyrotechnics of the event with shiny sequins and precious fabrics as dictated by antique Venetian tradition. A gilt, brocade dress like this one by Stella McCartney is ideal, paired with these Giuseppe Zanotti flat sandals covered in multi-colored crystals.

Men should have fun personalizing the classic smoking jacket, pairing it with an unexpected, striped t-shirt like that of a gondola driver rather than the usual white button-down. The look can be completed with a pair of simple, cotton espadrilles (in sailor colors, naturally) resulting in a whimsical and comfortable getup for your Venetian getaway.

Venezia, with her famous Art Biennale, is Italy’s most creative city. Get inspired by yoox.com‘s exciting adventure into the world of Contemporary art and visit its virtual pavillion!

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