If you ask the local fishermen, who are the official guardians of the town’s traditions and memories, the most beautiful outlook of the Sorrento Gulf is the one from the famous Marina Grande. Early in the morning is the ideal time to capture the full panoramic view that goes from the Vesuvio volcano all the way to Capri; it is one of the most renowned landscapes in the world.

While there, women should look to inspirations such as the looks of ‘60s divas such as Sophia Loren, who spent so much time in the Costiera that she received the title of ‘honorary citizen.’ Channeling Loren’s unparalleled style, women should opt for glamorous get-ups, even for day; a full-length, light chiffon kaftan like this one by 120%Lino, is the perfect uniform for the morning. It will look beautiful with a big straw bag, oversized accessories, and bejeweled flat sandals. Evenings tend to be a little more understated and something like a simple tunic like this one by Blumarine will do the trick.
Similar to the retro sentiment for ladies, men should also look to vintage inspirations such as the classic gentleman’s uniform. This short-sleeved sweater by Brioni, worn with cotton capris conveys just the right feeling. An essential must, which adds a touch of glamour to every look, is a panama hat.

Above: Photo © THE TRAVEL LIBRARY / Rex Features

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