Are you craving the perfect mix of culture, tradition, amazing food and fun? In Romagna, where joy and lightness are always in the air, you will find all of that and more. The first stop on your tour should be a visit to the renowned mosaics in Ravenna; then head towards Rimini, the famous hometown of Italian director Federico Fellini. Once there, visit the Grand Hotel to relive some of the amazing scenes from his most acclaimed film Amarcord, and grab a refreshing drink when you arrive. After that, go for a stroll on Rimini’s colorful beaches, crowded by vintage-striped deck chairs that evoke a true 50s mood. Don’t get too worn out; in Romagna, the nights are never ending, especially for the world renowned music scene! The most popular spot? The Riccione area, which is famous for its night clubs and loved by the best international deejays.
Dressing up for an evening out should revolve around a night of endless tunes: If you love live music, try a feminine dress like this ruched Moschino one with kitten heels. Don’t worry if your dancing skills are not amazing, the retro dancing halls in Romagna will seduce you with their magical moods. Another fashionable look? Slip on a mid-calf length, flared skirt with a midriff-bearing blouse—tied in a knot—all finished off with a hat. Men can keep the same casual sentiment with a printed t-shirt and soft trousers; splashes of color come with bright suspenders.
Ladies, if your plan is to hop ‘from disco to disco,’ select a special dress like the asymmetric fringed one by Lanvin, worn with some sparkling Givenchy sandals and a micro clutch to carry your essentials. For him, a linen white shirt will be perfect with blue jeans, like the ones by Calvin Klein. Substitute classic sneakers with a pair of ultra light espadrillas! They will be easier to take off when you will finish up your evening with a walk on the beach, waiting for dawn while eating an Italian ‘bombolone.’

Italy’s Wonders: Join us on our weekends wandering around marvelous Italy, to celebrate the country where started its adventure in 2000. Bon voyage!