It is well-known that one of the many stops on the 17th Century Grand Tour—a tradition that required for European aristocracy to travel the continent, making stops in the most beautiful spots —was the famed Italian region of Lake Como.  Its sweet air, romantic views and magnificent villas make this destination a true must-see. The popular tourist destination encapsulates the perfect balance of exploration and relaxation.

On a weekend away in this picturesque landscape, take a stroll through the streets of Menaggio, visiting the quaint churches and taking a dip in the refreshing lake.  After that, be sure to rent a small boat and head towards Bellagio, where you will  be welcomed by a combination of colorful houses and flourishing nature.

The perfect look is chic and simple. During the day, men can wear shorts under the knee with a light sweater like this one by Fendi. Leather loafers are the perfect footgear, especially if you choose an unexpected color like this one by Voile Blanche. In the evening, pick cotton pants, a white shirt and a contrasting blazer. Girls will look great in printed shorts and a romantic blouse, or a dress like this one by Marni worn with classic ballerinas. For a romantic dinner by the lake, try a long dress with a vintage feel like this flowered one by Forte Forte.

Italy’s Wonders: Join us on our weekends wandering around marvelous Italy, to celebrate the country where started its adventure in 2000. Bon voyage!

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