With its white beaches, stunning terrain, and crystal clear water, Sardinia’s  beauty rivals that of some of the most spectacular settings in the world.

This Italian island has always been a popular destination among those who favor seaside and snorkeling and since the Seventies, it has been a hotspot for the jet-set, who take the locales and beaches of the so-called Emerald Coast by storm.

The best way to visit this destination is undoubtedly by sea; you can anchor in the area of Gallura then rent a smaller boat to take you to shore: arm yourself with a camera and sunscreen and head straight to the area known as La Maddalena Archipelago, which is sprinkled with untouched islands like Spargi and Budelli, both recognized for their pink sand.

There is no need to overdress: Pair your colorful swimsuit with a straw or cotton hat. For the evening, treat yourself to an aperitif at a bar in the famous Porto Cervo square: think flowy chiffon dress for her and a fresh, impeccable linen shirt for him. The perfect end to the night would be spent dancing under the stars (sometimes with the stars) in any of the island’s exclusive venues. It’s the ultimate getaway.

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