Each year, the beautiful town of Siena celebrates summer with a magnificent, and very competitive, horse race known as Palio, the oldest one in Italy.

On July 2 and August 16, the city’s fiery spirit is ignited as the town debates which horses and jockeys to support. The way it works is that the city is divided up in ten teams, also called contrade, each of which is represented by a colorful emblem. The ten horses (one for each contrada) briefly race around Piazza del Campo, the city’s oldest and most famous square, while big crowds of supporters watch the action with bated breath. As early as a week before the event, the town’s winding roads are already full of elegant horses, knights, heralds, musicians, and flag flyers all on gallant chariots, all contributing to the fairytale atmosphere that permeates the whole area. The Palio is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events in Italy, so make sure you get the look right.

Ladies should take a stroll among the festivities in light dresses in bold colors which reference the tones of the flags, such as this one by Ter et Bantine, or a silk top paired with light linen pants and a matching handbag like the one by Rochas.

Classic Italian attire in vivid colors is perfect for men who want to look the part. Opt for red pants like the ones by Aspesi, a striped shirt and complete the outfit with a pair of loafers like the ones by Carshoe to look like a real Senese gentleman. Finish with a Borsalino hat and get ready to cheer!

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