Join us on our weekends wandering around marvelous Italy, to celebrate the country where started its adventure in 2000. Bon voyage!

Palermo seems suspended in time. The city’s sounds, smells and architecture all resonate with the history of far-away cultures and ancient traditions which have contributed to the capital of Sicily’s beauty and preserved it to this day. Zyz, as it was named by the Phoenicians when they founded the city in 734 BC, just like a beautiful woman desired by all, it has been the reason for skirmishes, conflicts and over the years it has been conquered by the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Normans.

Today, you can get lost wandering around the city’s small, narrow streets and beautiful squares, by walking through its blossoming gardens and along its dignified boardwalk, admiring the baroque architecture, liberty buildings and neoclassical theatres. Also, take a deep breath and get drunk on the perfume of the lush greenery and citrus plants in bloom.

How best to pass a few days in Palermo? For sure emerging yourself in the legendary atmosphere evoked in the Italian classic, The Leopard. To help evoke this atmosphere, stay at the B&B La Dimora del Genio in the heart of the Kalsa quarter, the ancient fortified city. There are only a few special rooms in this noble guest house from the 1600s with fresco painted ceilings. Nearby and not to be missed is the Chiesa dello Spasimo, a deconsecrated church that hosts events and art shows.

Go for a stroll around the city’s oldest and most traditional markets, Vucciria and Ballarò, filled with colors and magical perfumes . When you need a break, stop by the gourmand Antica Focacceria di San Francesco or in the Pasticceria Costa to try an exquisite cannolo that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. In the evening, when the fresh breeze starts, stroll down the Mondello beach, before stopping for a seafood dinner at  Calogero. Whilst sipping a glass of Sicilian wine, look towards the monte Pellegrino, which Goethe considered “the world’s most beautiful promontory.”.

The dress code? Picture minimal, then do exactly the opposite. Get inspired by the dresses worn by Sicilian women, adorned with embroidery, black and white lace and colorful details. Men, instead, should go for a simple white shirt, a tailored jacket, suspenders and the unmissable coppola hat.

Above: image by AGF s.r.l. / Rex Features