Christian Dior loved flowers so much that he once stated ‘After women, they are the most divine creations’. His New Look silhouette, created in 1947, was in fact inspired by the divinely soft and curvy lines of flowers. The visionary corolla-shaped gowns, which showed off womens’ ankles and underlined their waistlines, were praised and welcomed as a true fashion revolution.
Until September 22nd, in Villa Les Rhumbs in Granville, Normandy, a striking exhibition represents the close relationship between the aesthetics of the designer and that of impressionist artists. Seventy beautiful dresses, designed by Dior from the ‘40s up to today, are showcased next to heavenly paintings by Monet, Degas and Renoir, lent by museums such as the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
In the post-war years, after a long period of grim austerity, Dior was applauded for having brought back a fashion conceived to exalt feminine beauty. He was a true art fanatic and connoisseur, and this passion shines through in his bright creations which incorporate romantic shapes and a natural lightness. Both the color palette and the sumptuous lines were borrowed from his much loved impressionist artists, whose works now finally fill his home and make for a sublime vision. Once again, fashion is welcomed into the art world as one of its most beautiful and creative forms of expression.