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As the famous saying goes:“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” It seems nothing is more imitated than the Italian lifestyle. Some think style is like courage; it can’t be given to someone who doesn’t already have it. Others think the Italian way of life is something easily copied in the way you dress, decorate a house and even the way you court a woman.


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Live in Italian


There is one place, however, in which it is easy to reveal who is the real thing—a place where it is necessary to follow several, clear rules—at the table. Spaghetti with meatballs? Only fans of Walt Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” would order such a thing. Maccheroni and cheese? No Italian mother has ever made this dish at home. Cappuccino after lunch? Absolutely prohibited unless of course you want to be mistaken for a tourist.

The only certainty: always order S.Pellegrino, the world-famous Italian brand of sparkling water known for its excellence in the industry.

For years now, the historic bottle has been an ambassador for the Live in Italian concept on the best tables throughout the world. Films from The Big Feast to The Devil Wears Prada put the spotlight on this prestigious bottle that has, since 1959, represented elegance, refinement and the Italian way of living.
Drawn from a depth of over 1,600 feet, after a long trip through the heart of the Italian Alps, S.Pellegrino is then mineralized. The lively bubbles, bringing together freshness and effervescence, fascinate everyone who associates the art of Italian living with the pleasure of the palate. Don’t miss out on a chance to buy the Couvette Special Limited Edition, “S.Pellegrino Sparkles with BVLGARI” and “TRIBUTE TO ITALIAN OPERA, S.PELLEGRINO CELEBRATES LUCIANO PAVAROTTI” to make your table even more Italian.
8 November 2013
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