Moschino’s pizza rules

Pizza: The ironic fashion house talks about its favorite food

Typically Moschino, the favorite food of the fashion house is pizza. Moschino even designed a bag with the phrase “In Pizza We Trust” in red, green and white. It’s what Italians want to eat at least once during the holidays, preferably enjoyed in a pizzeria with friends. World-class pizza is made in wood-burning pizza ovens, baked for no more than three minutes – a procedure hard to replicate at home.

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Moschino’s pizza rules



  1. For those in search of Italy’s greatest pizza, may we suggest heading to Napoli – the birthplace of pizza. Visit one of maestro Enzo Coccia’s two pizzerias, both called La Notizia, located on the same street. Miniscule amounts of yeast, aerating kneading, lengthy room temperature rising, dough made in batches (since dough made for dinner service will be over-risen by the end of the evening), result in a light, highly digestible crust. Toppings like mozzarella from Barlotti, anchovies from Cetarii in Cetara and tomatoes from Danicoop, a farmers’ cooperative, elegantly grace the crust. Pizzeria 53 is Enzo’s original place, small, classic décor, classic pizza. Pizzeria 94 is newer, with modern décor, and a modern approach to toppings along with the classics. There’s a menu but trust Enzo with the night’s specials. But his margherita D.O.P., with San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, extra virgin, and grated pecorino is a must.

  2. Another fantastic option for sublime pizza is in the village of Caiazzo, an ancient city in an unspoiled area of the province of Caserta. Franco Pepe worked in his family’s pizzeria but wanted to do things his way so he opened Pepe in Grani. All dough is kneaded by hand in a wooden “madia” trough, with a 12 hour rise, and yields divine crust. Franco constantly experiments with different blends of flours and uses first-rate buffalo milk mozzarella, straw-smoked provola and ricotta made by his friend Mimmo. Pepe in Grani is worth the trip. Don’t miss the escarole, anchovy, caper and black olive calzone. Diners who love pizza more than driving can spend a night in one of the three bedrooms with private baths upstairs.

  3. Enzo consulted for Donatella Arpaia, consulted on pizza making and even arranged to have her oven shipped from his supplier, although it’s considerably glitzier. Try the classics as well as the Enzo, with smoked mozzarella, sausage, broccoli rabe and pecorino.

  4. Franco inspired the pizza at Sotto which makes classic pizza and a calzone of escarole, capers, olives and burrata that’s called homage to Caiazzo.

  1. Mamma Mia, that’s delicious!

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4 December 2013
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