yoox.com & Delfina Delettrez present
Black Gold, a film by PES

To celebrate Frozen Garden, the exclusive jewelry collection for yoox.com created by Delfina Delettrez, the beloved designer joined forces with Academy Awards Nominee director and stop-motion animator PES to produce a short film entitled, Black Gold.

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yoox.com & Delfina Delettrez present<br/> Black Gold, a film by PES
Distinctly surreal, the beautiful film features Delettrez’s signature insects, flowers, and other magical elements that come to life after a long, cold winter. An ode to life, the film also touches on the dark side of humanity with references to memento mori, one of the recurring themes in her work. The film will be online on yoox.com starting February 25. Stay tuned!
20 February 2014
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