Italy’s Wonders: Carnevale in Venice

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Every year since 1926, during February and March, the city of Venice undergoes a radical transformation; it becomes a grand stage for costumes, parties and shows that all feature a spirit that mixes the sacred and profane. The famous Venice Carnevale merges ancient folklore with contemporary influences, giving life to parades, cocktails, artist exhibitions and celebrations all over the city.



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Italy’s Wonders: Carnevale in Venice

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According to Venetian tradition, all costumes must be inspired by characters from Commedia dell’Arte, a historical genre of Italian theater (well-known examples include Arlecchino, Brighella and Pantalone). Original 19th century masks (handmade using the techniques of papier-maché) can be found all over town as well.
To pack a perfect suitcase for this long weekend in Venice, the rule is there are no rules. The only necessity is to sport head-turning pieces. Eccentric dresses, preferably with a retro twist, are be perfect if paired with embellished capes decorated with bows, feathers and volants. Try the silk one by Impasse 13 by Alexis Mabille or the Rick Owen’s line, inspired by men’s evening attire. Underneath, pick a long dress or a Casanova style suit. Complete the look with velvet slippers or pointed shoes, and don’t forget a bow tie!
12 February 2014
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