On June 24 at Wimbledon – one of the most historic sporting events of the summer – heritage brand Ralph Lauren will unveil a signature collection of polo shirts, jackets and trousers. In its eighth year as official outfitter of the Wimbledon Championships, the American fashion brand has once again designed uniforms for the ball boys for the age-old competition. This year’s versions, which are inspired by the elegance of the English tennis uniforms of past, are in the traditional Wimbledon colors—dark green and purple with two crossed tennis rackets on the shirt sleeve and the Ralph Lauren polo pony on the front.
Known for its 129 year-old-traditions—from the eating of strawberries and cream between matches to customary all-white clothing worn by competitors—the world of Wimbledon is steeped in tradition, as is Ralph Lauren. The best part? The rules don’t just apply to those on court; spectators too must follow a dress code that demands no jeans, flip-flops and short skirts. Within the world of regulation whites and grass courts, a dream of the past comes alive in a classic setting.

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