A collection of refined notebooks: your perfect companion of the summer to jot down your thoughts and travel notes, or even to start planning those September days. Like so many works of art belonging to faraway and exotic lands.
Notebooks that almost read like books; ever since the 70s these elegant accessories have been transforming writing into an art. They come in different sizes and a handy pocket in which to store your travel (or love) notes; a clasp was added to make sure you don’t lose any of those memories. Recycled and sustainable materials make it both stylish and eco-friendly: delicately crafted objects with a pleasant broken-in feel.

The evocative covers feature a seductive mix of eastern symbols, tribal signs and inspirations from nature. The ideal accessory for your free thinking of the summer.

Five reasons to use a journal:

1.    A journal is a time capsule documenting a period in one’s life, and can become an inspiration for the future generations who shall re-read it. For that reason you’d better make it a durable one.

2.    Writing in a journal is therapeutic, offering solace, emotional release, and a creative escape from today’s hyperactive world.

3.    Fine paper, embossed covers… Writing in a journal is a highly tactile experience and a refreshing interlude in an often untouchable world of television and other digital information.

4.    Journaling is the most ancient of art forms; and it so it seems only fair to honour this tradition with a delicately ornate cover.

5.   A journal is a loyal friend; unlike some of its flesh-and-blood counterparts, a journal always listens and stays by your side.

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