Anyone who has spent at least one summer’s night in the country will have had the pleasure of an encounter with these incredible insects and what is more fascinating than fireflies? Although delicate and rare, they are enjoyed by many as a symbol of the beauty of nature. And it is from this beauty that Pomellato draws inspiration for their world famous line of jewels. With the holidays just around the corner, discover the most poetic of presents: Lucciole di Pomellato are on their way. The pieces are adorned with sparkling light in the form of small diamonds, hence the name of the collection, born, just like, in 2000: Lucciole or Fireflies.
The most simple and versatile of creations. Rings and earrings, solitaire chokers, bracelets, large and small hoops; all present with a small brilliant diamond, and play on combinations of number and color: white, pink and yellow golds, polished or satin finished. Mix and match or wear alone, for a guaranteed unique look day after day.
The perfect gift for every occasion, you might say one Pomellato piece leads to another. From Christmas to birthdays, St. Valentine’s to anniversaries, the possibilities are endless and only grow with the number of rings worn and flashes of light emanated. Shine like a midsummer’s night.


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A Milanese goldsmith company founded by Pino Rabolini in 1967, Pomellato quickly became a world leader due to its innovation, creativity and style, not forgetting its timeless traditions. Today it is the fourth largest manufacturer of jewelry in Europe.
‘Prêt-à-porter’ jewelry is Pomellato’s brainchild, a true 1970s revolution: pieces that could be worn every day and for every occasion, with elegance and ease.
Pomellato jewels are made in Italy with great craftsmanship using high quality materials only.
And in 1995 Dodo was born, Pomellato’s new brand of more accessible and competitively priced items, with part of the proceeds going to WWF Italia in the name of nature.