There is no mistaking the unique style of Harmont & Blaine. Mediterranean roots find international allure in a melting pot of warm colors, intense aromas and heady scenery.The new Spring-Summer collections for men and for boys draw inspiration from the lands of southern Italy and all that comes with them. Sunshine, freedom and the sea; a sophisticated touch for the modern sailor of la dolce vita.


The gardens of Italy marry architecture and landscape in a union that has greatly influenced this Neapolitan brand with a fascination for nature. The design team at Harmont & Blaine, headed by Paolo and Massimo Montefusco, borrow from this imagery to create their colorful and innovative collection. Bright tones mingle with pastel hues, accompanied by ubiquitous white, in natural dyes on light materials. A breath of fresh air.
Knitwear, outerwear, shirts, and pants: casual clothing and accessories made for the utmost comfort, yet distinguished by high quality and attention to detail. Thus sportswear meets the elegance of menswear.

So too, for the children’s collection, inspiration comes from the sea. Marine shades, beach games and summer fun all wrapped up in clothes, knits and shoes for the little ones.Harmont & Blaine’s is not only a way to dress, but a way of life, under the sign of their trademark dachshund. Strictly Made in Italy, but ready to take on the world.