Experience certainly makes all the difference when it comes to artistic creation, and who better to demonstrate this than FPM – FABBRICAPELLETTERIEMILANO. The historic Italian brand of luggage, bags and accessories founded in 1946 is making its comeback this year with the same enthusiasm it made its debut, and no mistake, there is something special here. Collections of collaborations with big names in design, a winning formula based on a high degree of innovation that is born of the pure union between technology and design.


Traveling is one of life’s great pleasures, and doing it in style makes it all the more enjoyable; every decision takes on an essential importance and the choice of luggage reveals a lot about its carrier. A fact of which FPM, who has written a new chapter in travel accessories with its exquisite collections, is well aware,
“IN THE SIGN OF MOVEMENT” is the innovative project by which FPM launches chief collaborations with four designers of worldwide renown: Marc Sadler, Stefano Giovannoni, Marcel Wanders and Jean-Marie Massaud. The objective? To create luggage that follows a new generation movement. Four very different designs that not only breathe fresh life into the old suitcase but redefine travel itself, favoring quality materials and technological and style innovation.


From the extremely light and minimalistic look of the soft Sound collection to the perfect pairing of style and high technology represented by Stefano Giovannoni’s Mouse line; from the engineering design of Marcel Wanders’ Saint-Jacques to the dynamic and punchy style of the Wall Street line and the functional elegance of the Traffic collection; FPM bags, dedicated to those who travel with their eyes firmly on the future, are landing exclusively online at yoox.com.