Cat lover, mural painter, wily troublemaker… Emily The Strange puts a new spin on the old riddle as her delightfully bizarre adventures keep experiencing worldwide success. To celebrate our favourite 2D-character is going black and red with a fun selection of everything Emily.
Rob Reger and Buzz Parker have captivated their audience throughout the years by making Emily The Strange’s adventures irresistibly dark and witty. Dark and witty: two perfect words to describe some of the more recent adventures of the world’s most famous teenage goth; some lucky fans have already had the chance to get their hands on the second novel, Strange and Stranger.
In the first novel Emily declared: “You laugh at me cause I’m different. I laugh at you cause you’re all the same.” In the second book, written as a diary, Emily goes head to head with her wicked nemesis; the nemesis she accidentally created during one of her attempts at cloning herself. Didn’t you know Emily was an (almost) accomplished mad scientist?  And so much more! Here’s a refresher course.

Discover the selection

Emily is . . .
1. A mad scientist
2. A cat lover
3. A mural painter
4. A golem builder
5. A virtuo-spastic guitarist
6. A wicked skater
7. A wily troublemaker
8. A poltergeist tamer
9. A mystery solver
10. A master prankster
11. An eXtreme procrastinator
12. A happy loner
13. A unique individual
. . . and now there are two of her!

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About Emily

Emily’s not your average thirteen year-old-girl. Pink is her worst nightmare…she wears the same black dress every day. She loves math and science. Her best friends are her four BLACK CATS! She’s into old rock & punk, but also digs newer bands like My Chemical Romance (BTW, Gerard Way is featured in her Dark Horse comic book, “Revenge at Last!”) Emily is so anticool she’s cool… a subculture of one, and a follower of no one but herself.
Emily the Strange came to life in the early 1990′s and quickly became a beloved counterculture icon all around the world. In her earliest years, she was a quiet but sharp-witted stranger, slinging philosophy and cultural observations in a series of hand-screened t-shirts and stickers. As her presence grew and became a standard in the cultural underground, Emily’s own story began to emerge in a series of gift books, then comic-books and graphic novels, and now a novel series for young adults.
Designers including Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Marc Jacobs have paid tribute to her, but she doesn’t care! Emily wants you to be yourself, think for yourself, and DO IT YOURSELF!