What is art? This is just one of the many dilemmas that ‘light up’ John Armleder’s work, now on sale on yoox.com.

During his career that spans over half of a century, the post-conceptual Swiss artist tackled the complex grounds where art meets space and everyday life. Although he doesn’t like clichés, he smiles when people label his work. “I’ve actually quite liked it when my work is included in some new movement, even if the label is restrictive, because the claim makes the work change. From one moment, one context, one milieu to another, everything shifts,” Armleder explains.

From Fluxus to Neo-geo, Pop and Trash, there are many artistic movements that have influenced Armleder’s work. The clean lines of his designs merge with kitsch installations made of mirrors, neon lights, flowers and shiny disco balls, creating a kind of art that is capable of transforming the nature of the space they occupy. These artworks give life to recreational yet unsettling environments which re-define stereotypical spaces. While his innovative Furniture Sculptures series reproduces the shapes of interior design objects, the ultra-geometrical Wall Paintings tear down the barriers separating art and architecture.

yoox.com, in collaboration with the Milanese Massimo De Carlo gallery, presents two artist multiples, both in editions of 30 and made in metallic polyester. Infinite games of allusions and references turn the spectator into the absolute protagonist of the story.



Above: John Armleder Installation views Massimo De Carlo, Milano, 2008 Photo by Alessandro Zambianchi
Courtesy Massimo De Carlo, Milano/London