Starting an art collection is often looked at as a daunting endeavor requiring a considerable amount of research and expertise.

In a world so vast and unstable, distinguishing art that is relevant, defining a personal taste and building a coherent collection can seem quite confusing. has made it easy for the first-time art collector to experience and invest in such an exciting world, which offers both intellectual, social and emotional rewards. A selection of great artist multiples and unique works which are highly decorative and fun to mix together, added to your own creativity, is the first step (and great start) towards building a consistent collection.

Impressionist master Claude Monet once said, “Every color we see comes from the influence of his neighbor.” Likewise, the beauty of certain artworks is magnified by the presence of that which surrounds them. Combinations of colors, shapes and themes result in beautiful assemblages overflowing with vision and meaning. Gavin Turk’s letters are drawn to each others’ opposite chromatic variations, Marc Quinn’s flourishing worlds join forces to depict the infinite shades of the spectrum, Keith Coventry’s circles intersect and create common spaces while Peter Blake’s inseparable characters come to life in their unique yet complementary nature.